Frequently Asked Questions


What is VOID Cyber’s mission?

Our mission is to create, release and nurture innovative Web3 brands that change the world for the better.


Does VOID Cyber have a metaverse HQ?

We have land within multiple Metaverses which could become the VOID Cyber HQ. More details to come on where we will be developing and establishing ourselves. We are also a marquee land owner within the RFOX VALT as well as an official strategic partner to RFOX.


Where can I buy the VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

The VOID Cyber Membership NFT can be minted directly on our website at We will release the official drop link closer to the release date.


Is there a VOID Cyber community channel?

Discord -
Twitter -
LinkedIn -


How big is the VOID Cyber team?

VOID Cyber comprises a global team spanning multiple countries including Canada, Australia, the United States, Dubai, Vietnam and more. We have a growing number of internal team members and trusted strategic partners that work on VOID Cyber and our brands.


Where is the team based?

The core team is predominantly based in Australia however we have strategic partners and other team members that are spread across the globe.


How can I partner with VOID Cyber?

Fill out the contact form on our website if you’re interested in partnering or working with VOID Cyber or any of our brands.


What type of brands can VOID Cyber help?

Our team has experience working with many industries including entertainment, fashion, music, hospitality, technology and more. We are only interested in partnering with or working with brands that have a core focus on long term value creation for their communities.


What are some brands the team has previously worked with?

Some brands our team has worked with include Nike, Converse, Reebok, New Balance, VLONE, Off—White / Virgil Abloh, Yeezy, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, KSUBI, Neighbourhood, Fragment, Playboy, Palm Angles, Mayweather Sports, Rolling Loud, GOLF le FLEUR*, A$AP World Wide, Dreamville, OVO, TDE, Culture Kings and more.


Who are some creatives our team has previously worked with?

Our team has previously collaborated with artists and creatives such as A$AP Mob, The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, Kanye West, Juice WRLD, Pop Smoke, Skepta, 2 Pac Estate, French Montana, YG, NBA Youngboy, Nav, and more.


When will the VOID Cyber NFT Membership launch?

The VOID Cyber Membership launch date will be announced from our official accounts. Always check that the information and announcements are being sent from our official accounts.


How many VOID Cyber Memberships will be available for mint?

There will be 500 genesis VOID Cyber Membership NFTs available for mint.


What is the mint price VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

The mint price will be made public closer to the release date. It’s important to our team that the genesis memberships are an affordable price point for the community.


Can I mint the VOID Cyber Membership from a mobile device?

Yes, we recommend connecting to your Metamask app on your device.


What blockchain is the VOID Cyber NFT Membership on?

The VOID Cyber Membership will run on the Ethereum blockchain.


What will the cost of gas be when claiming my VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

We have optimised the VOID Cyber membership contract to ensure that you will be charged the lowest gas fees possible however there will always be some gas to pay and this varies based on the time of day, what other projects are minting at that time and the congestion on the network. We suggest using the below sites to check for the optimal time to mint when gas is lowest.


What wallets can I connect with to purchase / store my VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

We recommend using Metamask wallet to connect, You can download and set up a Metamask wallet here -
Always be cautious and never share private keys, our team will never request for your passwords or keys


Will there be a white list? If so, how to get on the white list?

There is a white list. We have hand picked some of our closest supporters that have been with us on the VOID Cyber journey from day 1. We have also selected some other notable figures in the Web3/NFT industry that truly see the power of VOID Cyber and all that we offer.

We have planned white list opportunities for the wider community for early and engaged supporters passionate about Web3 and our vision.


How long will we have to mint the VOID Cyber NFT Membership? (minting window)

This will be announced closer to the release date and we will give reasonable time for whitelisted addresses to claim their membership.
We have planned white list opportunities for the wider community for early and engaged supporters passionate about Web3 and our vision.


How many VOID Cyber NFT Memberships can I claim?

Minting is limited to 1 VOID Cyber membership per person.


What utility does the VOID Cyber NFT Membership have?

The VOID Cyber NFT Membership will allow our community of holders to get exposure, opportunities and direct access to our ecosystem. The perks of holding a VOID Cyber NFT could include; future airdrops, whitelist spots, exclusive access to members only metaverse areas, early access to future drops from VOID Cyber brands and partners plus much more. We aim to create opportunity and value for our community with new partnerships, activations and VOID Cyber brands that are developed.


Is the VOID Cyber NFT Membership an NFT in itself? Can it be sold / traded like other NFTs?

Yes, the VOID Cyber Membership is an NFT and can be traded on secondary markets such as Opensea, LooksRare and RFOX marketplace.


Is there a VOID Cyber token?

There currently is no VOID Cyber token.


Where can I view my VOID Cyber NFT?

You can view your VOID Cyber Membership on your Opensea or LooksRare account.


Are all VOID Cyber NFT Memberships the same, or are there different rarities?

All Genesis VOID Cyber Memberships are identical.


Where can I get support for any questions relating to the VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

You can get support and ask any questions relating to the membership by asking right here in our Discord server. Please log a ticket by going to #support-ticket.


What cryptocurrencies / payments are accepted for purchasing a VOID Cyber NFT Membership?

We will confirm this closer to the release date but you will need Ethereum for gas fees when claiming.